Providing quality management services
to mental health providers for over 35 years.

Our Mission
Polaris Healthcare Services, Inc. aspires to improve health care quality and access to the poor and under-served. We believe that the best method of assuring services to those most in need is to provide cost effective, physician centered services. Efficient management of administrative and clinical procedures results in more money devoted to care. The founders of Polaris Healthcare Services, Inc., and its predecessor company, Scovell & Schwager, Inc., have been committed to public-sector health care delivery for over 35 years.

Virtually all of our contracts and work have concentrated on improving health care for the poor and chronically mentally ill in culturally sensitive ways. Since the late 1960s we have organized and managed community health and mental health centers, recruited physicians and other clinicians, managed medical billing, created nursing homes and sheltered housing, and managed private physician practices. Mr. Scovell and Mr. Schwager managed the Commonwealth’s Medicaid program in the 1970s, helping to put in place a foundation that continues to serve the poor and needy to the present day.

Service Delivery
For the past 25 years we have developed a niche in serving the population DMH serves by providing quality psychiatrists and psychologists to State mental institutions. We have:

• Acted as court appointed receivers for failing organizations;
• Assumed full management authority to manage organizations out of financial trouble;
• Consulted to management and boards regarding good management practices;
• Been awarded contracts with the Department of Mental Health of Massachusetts for the past 18   years to organize psychiatric group practices at five facilities and have partnered with Tufts-New   England Medical Center to provide the same service at a sixth facility.

Tewksbury Hospital a model of our success
As an example of our success, we point to the Tewksbury Hospital experience. Our length of stay is 132 days, far below the target of 180 days set by the Department of Mental Health for State hospitals. Our admission and discharge rate is the highest in the state. Our use of seclusion and restraint is low. Our collection of third party dollars is the best in the state despite having fewer patient beds than other hospitals. Psychiatrists tend to enjoy working in the public sector because they are free from the pressures of managed care and insurance priorities. Doctors can care for patients with the knowledge that if the patient needs another week in the hospital there is no one looking over the shoulder to gainsay the need. Additionally, we established the Boston Psychiatric Research Corporation with the express purpose of allowing the psychiatrists in our groups to accept research grants with extremely low overhead costs.

Third Party Billing
Polaris has a billing sector dedicated to billing third party payers on behalf of psychiatrists and other specialties. Our staff is skilled in obtaining quality information about the visit or procedure, making sure the submission is fully suitable, processing transactions electronically and following up on rejected claims for re-submission.